Fast Tuning Press Release

This new option (patent pending) enables fast switching of the output wavelength such that each consecutive pulse can be set to any wavelength within the wavelength range of the system. In other words, the tunable laser system tunes over the same wavelength or separated by any increment as small as 1 nm or as large as the entire wavelength range every two pump laser pulses.  The end-user enters the desired sequence of wavelengths and the number of desired sequences into the control software.

In most cases, the wavelength tuning speed of the OPO, meaning the time it takes to switch from one wavelength to another, is not a major issue. However, for some applications, such as in-vivo medical imaging and high frame rate hyper-spectral Imaging, fast tuning allows important analytical parameters to be measured.

For example, an important application of photoacoustic imaging includes measuring the Hemoglobin concentration and the oxygen saturation in blood, in vivo. Using the well-known absorption of fully oxygenated Hemoglobin and that of fully deoxygenated Hemoglobin as a function of wavelength in the infrared, the end-user calculates the concentration/saturation levels by measuring the absorption of IR light at two wavelengths. To obtain reliable data, the OPO must switch between two wavelengths, e.g. 750nm and 850 nm every other pulse.

Supported Products:

Phocus (10 and 20 Hz)

Phocus HE (10 Hz)

Phocus Mobile (10 and 20 Hz)

Phocus HE Mobile (10 Hz)

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