Re-INVENTING NIR Chemical Imaging
The HySPEC, a novel hyperspectral imaging instrument, utilizes a patented technique based on Tunable Laser Technology (OPO) to acquire 'chemical' images of heterogeneous samples. The HySPEC records multiple images of the target sample, each at a different wavelength. The complete set of 'pictures' provides a spectral signature of the target at each pixel. Supported by sophisticated Chemical Imaging analysis software, the HySPEC identifies, maps and quantifies sample constituents.

HySPEC Advantages
(vs. conventional spectral imagers)
Higher spectral resolution + multivariate image analysis
  = increased sensitivity
  = increased specificity
  = lower detection limits (trace analysis)
Orders of magnitude higher illumination intensity
  = larger FOV
Very low average power
  = no sample heating
Integrated fiber delivery
  = flexible architectures
  = custom designs

Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Raw materials
  • Finished pills (quality control)
  • Fraudulent/adultered products
Food inspection
  • Melamine contamination
  • Animal feed - mad cow disease
Consumer products
  • Product testing
  • Quality control inspection
Homeland security
  • Airport screening
  • Explosives detection



Explosives: Distribution of TNT on cotton swipe

Tylenol: Spectral map of acetaminophen distribution in a cross section of Tylenol

Egg Powder: Trace analysis of urea in egg powder [False color: urea-yellow; egg powder-green]

Dried Milk: Trace analysis of melamine in dried milk [False color: melamine-yellow; dried milk-green]

Bacon: Spectral map of fat distribution in bacon through product packaging

Fish Oil Tablets: Spectral map of oil distribution in fish oil tablets

Popcorn: Discrimination of popcorn varieties

Cooked Egg: Spectral map of yolk and white in cooked egg

Chips: Discrimination of corn and potato chips with fat content distribution


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