IR Opolette 2940

The IR Opolette 2940 laser system utilizes optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology to generate 2940 nm laser light for water desorption based mass spectrometric analyses or other related application. Designed from the ground-up for compactness, ease of use and low cost, the system compliments existing laboratory lasers or provides a solution for instrument integration. Requiring no installation, the system includes verification hardware to check alignment after shipping or relocation. Other factory set wavelengths between 2600 and 3450 nm available upon request. A 635 nm laser diode is aligned to the OPO beam path to help with beam guidance.

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Wavelength Range [nm]:


Peak OPO Energy [mJ]:

3 or 6

Spectral Linewidth [cm-1]:


Beam Divergence [mrad]:

10 x 5 (FWHM, full angle)

Linear Polarization:


UV Tuning [nm]:


Residual Pump Energy [mJ]:


Dimensions [in (mm)]:

10.5 (267) x 8.3 (211) x 2.9 (74)

Pump Wavelength [nm]:


Repetition Rate [Hz]:


Pulse Length [ns]:


Beam Diameter [mm]:

3 or 4

Trigger Connections:


PSU Dimensions [in(mm)]:

17.2 (435) x 5.25 (133) x 14.2 (360)

PSU Cooling:

Closed-loop air-water cooled

Build Your Product
Option 1 Group

Design Wavelength

The factory sets the default wavelength of the system to 2940 nm. A choice of factory set wavelength between 2600 and 3450 nm available upon request. Please indicate desired wavelength in form below under 'additional questions and comments'.

Option 2 Group

Energy Level

The IR Opolette 2940 can be configured for standard or high energy. The outside dimensions are identical.

Option 3 Group

Motorized Variable Attenuator

Vary the OPO pulse energy by choosing the Motorized Variable Attenuator (MVA) option. The end-user controls the MVA option through RS232 in a Terminal program. Placement of the attenuator results in about 10% optical loss. If needed the MVA can also be removed for full energy access and reinstalled without need for alignment.

Option 4 Group

19" Rackmount Conversion

Choice of standard bench-top power supply (default) or 19" rackmountable version.

Option 5 Group

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows end-users to integrate system control functions into third-party software can be downloaded for no charge. The SDK works under most Windows-based programming environments and provided with limited technical support.

Option 6 Group

Harmonic Addition

Add second and third harmonics to the system to convert residual 1064 nm into 532/355 nm wavelength access. The 355 nm wavelength exits a separate front port in the system and the 1064/532 nm both exit the same port in the front of the system.

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