Magic Prism

The MagicPRISM module utilizes patented optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology to transform the end-user's fixed wavelength Nd:YAG laser into a tunable laser system that covers a broad range in the VIS and NIR. The compact, motorized module converts second or third harmonic Nd:YAG laser light with an efficiency as high as forty percent.

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Wavelength Range [nm]:

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Peak OPO Energy [mJ]:

Depends on pump laser

Spectral Linewidth [cm-1]:

5 - 100

Beam Divergence [mrad]:

10 (FWHM, signal)

Linear Polarization:


UV Tuning [nm]:


Residual Pump Energy [mJ]:

Dimensions [in (mm)]:

4.42 (112) x 3.75 (95) x 3.39 (86)

Wavelength [nm]:

355 or 532

Repetition Rate [Hz]:

10 - 30

Pulse Energy [mJ]:

80 - 100 @ 355 nm; 120 - 150 @ 532 nm

Pulse Width [ns]:

5 - 10

Beam Diameter [mm]:

5 - 6

Beam Profile [near field]:

> 75% Gaussian

Beam Divergence [mrad]:

< 0.5

Build Your Product
Option 1 Group

Wavelength Range

Choose between four wavelength ranges based on pump laser wavelength. Modules pumped with 355 nm offers peak OPO energy in the visible. Modules pumped with 532 nm offers peak OPO energy in the near-infrared.

Option 2 Group

Wavemeter for realtime wavelength monitoring

The Wavemeter option offers real time measurement and display of the OPO wavelength in the control software. The option allows Closed-loop Tuning which provides a high accuracy tuning method with better than 1 nm resolution in the Signal. The Wavemeter enables feedback control for the Harmonics Auto-Optimization option when combined with Motorized Harmonics.

Option 3 Group

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows end-users to integrate system control functions into third-party software can be downloaded for no charge. The SDK works under most Windows-based programming environments and provided with limited technical support.

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