The MagicPRISM is a compact, motorized optical parametric oscillator (OPO) module with a conversion efficiency as high as forty percent. The Ring-Cavity design is configured such that the pump and the OPO beams travel in the same direction. Two nonlinear crystals are positioned on a computer controlled, motorized rotation stage to acheive tuning. The pump beam is coupled into the Ring-Cavity and the signal/idler beams are coupled out of the ring cavity by a coated beam splitter. These design attributes produce highly stable and efficient output. The MagicPRISMTM OPO is offered as a stand-alone accessory to be pumped by the end-user’s laser.

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Wavelength Range [nm]:

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Peak OPO Energy [mJ]:

Depends on pump laser

Spectral Linewidth [cm-1]:

VIS/VIR: 5 – 80 ; NIR/NIRD: 30 – 80

Beam Divergence [mrad]:

< 10 (Signal, FWHM)

Linear Polarization:


UV Tuning [nm]:


Residual Pump Energy [mJ]:


Dimensions [in (mm)]:

4.42 (112) x 3.75 (95) x 3.39 (86)

Wavelength [nm]:

355 or 532

Repetition Rate [Hz]:

10 - 30

Pulse Energy [mJ]:

75 - 100 @ 355 nm; 150 - 200 @ 532 nm

Pulse Width [ns]:

5 - 10

Beam Diameter [mm]:

5 - 6

Beam Profile [near field]:

> 75% Gaussian

Beam Divergence [mrad]:

< 0.5

Build Your Product
Option 1 Group

Wavelength Range

Choose between four wavelength ranges based on pump laser wavelength. Modules pumped with 355 nm offers peak OPO energy in the visible. Modules pumped with 532 nm offers peak OPO energy in the near-infrared.

Option 2 Group

Wavemeter for realtime wavelength monitoring

The Wavemeter provides real time measurement of the OPO wavelength, which is displayed in the control software screen. The option allows closed-loop tuning of the OPO , which provides better than 1 nm accuracy of the Signal wavelength.

Option 3 Group

Q-smart 450 Adapter

End-users with a Quantel Q-smart 450 pump laser can choose the Q-smart 450 Adapter to integrate the MagicPRISM standalone OPO module. The Adapter includes housing and optics to attached to Q-smart Harmonics and align the beam through the OPO Module.

Option 4 Group

Fast Tuning

Only available for NIR and NIRD. This option enables fast switching of the output wavelength such that each consecutive pulse can be set to any wavelength within the wavelength range of the system. The user can enter a sequence of wavelengths into the control software, with any step size (zero to full range) in any order, and the system will generate these wavelengths pulse after pulse. It can be set to stop after a single sequence or to repeat the sequence as defined by the end-user.

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