Opolette 2940

Water is the primary component of biological samples relevant to life sciences. With the Opolette 2940, a micro-sized cross-section can be desorbed while keeping sample constituents intact. Ionization can occur directly or through the addition of a secondary ionization source, followed by mass spectrometric analysis. The OpoletteTM 2940 is designed for custom or commercial ion source integration. An SDK is available to integrate laser functions into instrument software. The laser can be factory tuned to other absorption peaks between 2600 and 3450 nm.

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Wavelength Range [nm]:


Peak OPO Energy [mJ]:


Spectral Linewidth [cm-1]:


Beam Divergence [mrad]:

10 x 5 (FWHM, full angle)

Linear Polarization:


UV Tuning [nm]:


Residual Pump Energy [mJ]:

25 or 50

Dimensions [in (mm)]:

9.5 (241) x 4.6 (117) x 7.6 (193)

Pump Wavelength [nm]:


Repetition Rate [Hz]:


Pulse Length [ns]:


Beam Diameter [mm]:

3 or 4

Trigger Connections:


PSU Dimensions [in(mm)]:

17 (432) x 14.2 (361) x 5.3 (135)

PSU Cooling:

Closed-loop air-water cooled

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Option 2 Group

Energy Level

The Opolette can be configured for two energy levels. The outside dimensions are identical.

Option 6 Group

Harmonic Addition

Add second and third harmonics to the system to convert residual 1064 nm into 532/355 nm wavelength access. The 355 nm wavelength exits a separate front port in the system and the 1064/532 nm both exit the same port in the front of the system.

Option 3 Group

Motorized Variable Attenuator

Vary the OPO pulse energy by choosing the Motorized Variable Attenuator (MVA) option. By default the end-user changes the OPO pulse energy by changing the pump laser pulse energy through software command. However, OPO pulse-pulse energy instability increases at lower pump laser energy levels. The MVA option involves maintaining the pump laser pulse energy at maximum and using optical attenuation to change the OPO pulse energy without compromising pulse energy stability. The MVA option connects through the electronics unit for computer control. The MVA option is external and therefore can  be removed for full OPO pulse energy access. It can be reinstalled without need for alignment.

Option 4 Group

Protective Hard Case

The Opolette is designed for portability which allows the end-user to move the system to different locations. The standard wooden shipping crate can be replaced with two protective hard cases with custom foam padding to facilitate packing and moving the system between locations.

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