Opolette 2940

Water is the primary component of biological samples relevant to life sciences. With the Opolette 2940, a micro-sized cross-section can be desorbed while keeping sample constituents intact. Ionization can occur directly or through the addition of a secondary ionization source, followed by mass spectrometric analysis. The OpoletteTM 2940 is designed for custom or commercial ion source integration. An SDK is available to integrate laser functions into instrument software. The laser can be factory tuned to other absorption peaks between 2600 and 3450 nm.

Product Features

  • Intergrated pump laser with quick connect cables
  • Flashlamp based pump laser with minimal maintenance
  • End user replaceable flashlamp (50 million shot lifetime) and DI cartridge
  • Flashlamp and/or Q-Switch external triggerin
  • No factory installation required
  • Alignment verification
  • Control software and software development kit (SDK)
  • Access to residual pump laser wavelength (1064nm)
  • WARRANTY: One year on the entire system. Includes all options except fibers.

Product Options

  • External Motorized Variable Attenuator (eMVA)
    End-user installable/removable. Reduces max OPO by 10-15% when installed. Computer controlled.
  • Fiber Delivery Kit (FD)
    Fiber coupler is mounted directly to the system. Single fiber. High power SMA connection at both ends. 450µm core. NA=0.22. Approximately 60% transmission.
  • Extended Warranty (EXW)
    Extends full system warranty for one additional year, for a total of two years. Includes all options except for fibers.

Product Specifications

Output Wavelength 2940 nm
Peak Energy 6 mJ @ 2940 nm
Repetition Rate 20 Hz
Pulse Width 5 – 7 ns
Beam Diameter 4 mm
Divergence 10 (H) x 2 (V) mrad

Additional Information

2940 nm (fixed)

6 mJ @ 2940 nm

Mass Spectrometry

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