Influence of matrix on the luminescence properties of Eu2+/Eu3+ doped strontium borates: SrB4O7, SrB2O4 and Sr3 (BO3) 2, exhibiting multicolor tunable emission

Three complex strontium borate matrices, i.e. Sr3(BO3)2, SrB2O4 and SrB4O7 doped with Eu2+/Eu3+ ions, were prepared by the solid state reaction method in the air. X-ray and SEM analyses confirmed that all these samples are pure phase micro-sized materials. The luminescence properties of the Eu2+ and Eu3+ doped compounds were investigated in detail, i.e. excitation and emission spectra, including luminescence decay curves and determined lifetimes. Furthermore, the effects of the strontium borate matrices on the luminescence properties of the Eu2+/Eu3+ ions were discussed. The intensity ratio of Eu2+/Eu3+ emission varies significantly in different matrices. The products obtained exhibited tunable multicolor luminescence from violet-blue to orange-red, depending on the excitation wavelength applied and the host matrix used.

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