Photoacoustic Imaging

In photoacoustic Imaging, laser pulses are delivered to biological tissues.  Energy is absorbed by specific tissues and converted into heat which generates an ultrasonic emission that can be detected by ultrasonic transducers.  Variations in these emissions are analyzed to produce images.  Due to the varied response of components in biological tissue, images include information about the function of the examined tissues.  For example, photoacoustic imaging allows the researcher to measure the oxygen level or movement of blood in real time.

Photoacoustic imaging has been used for a variety of applications.  For example, it has been used to provide images of biological structures for increased visibility during surgery.  It also shows promise as a method to promote the early detection of cancer, as cancer cells absorb and respond to light differently than healthy tissues.

As the wavelength that is absorbed varies for different biological materials, tunability to produce different wavelengths is important.  Tunability also allows for deeper penetration by minimizing absorption by intervening tissues while targeting a specific tissue type. OPOTEK’s products represent the leading technology for easy tunability. OPOTEK’s patented fast-tuning technology ensures that many wavelengths can easily be produced to image a variety of biological materials.  Fast-tuning also helps to mitigate variations in the field of view due to motion between consecutive images, which allows for more detailed imaging of moving biological processes like blood flow.

The design of OPOTEK’s Ring Oscillator OPO is more stable and less sensitive to alignment than linear oscillators.  This increases the reliability and durability of OPOTEK systems, as there is less risk of misalignment or damage to crystals.  In addition, all of OPOTEK’s Opolette and Phocus series laser systems support special alignment tools that allow precise positioning of all the optical components.

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Full-featured, vibration isolated, fully integrated tunable laser
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Opolette UX10220

Ultra compact, light-weight integrated Near-Infrared (NIR) tunable laser
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Fully Integrated, High Energy, NIR tunable laser
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Standalone OPO that is compatible with a wide variety of nanosecond Nd: YAG pump lasers.
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