Multiwavelength photoacoustic temperature measurement with phantom and ex-vivo tissue

Photoacoustic temperature measurement is a new type of thermometric technology with noninvasive, real-time, high precision and space resolution. For improving the measurement accuracy and reliability, the method of using a multiwavelength photoacoustic signal to monitor the temperature named as multiwavelength photoacoustic temperature measurement was proposed in this paper. Based on the basic photoacoustic effect theory, the theoretical feasibility of this method was analyzed. And the experimental results from the phantom and ex-vivo tissue samples indicate that the multiwavelength photoacoustic temperature measurement can effectively reduce the error to smaller than 0.1 °C, and increase the accuracy of temperature measurement by more than two times. Our study demonstrated that the multiwavelength photoacoustic temperature measurement can potentially be a valuable method for temperature measurement during photothermal therapy or other clinic applications.

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