Vascular recognition system based on photoacoustic detection

Currently, biometrics are widely used in recognition technology; however, biometric recognition systems are vulnerable to malicious spoofing attacks. Thus, the security of such systems requires enhancements. This paper reports a novel vascular recognition system based on simple photoacoustic imaging to resist spoofing attacks. The amplitude and the delay of the maximum-value arrival time of the photoacoustic signal were used for detecting the vascular optical absorption and depth prior to vascular imaging. The proposed photoacoustic detection system detected fake vascular biometrics and demonstrated improved recognition rates with resistance toward spoofing attacks. In addition, the recognition rate increased from 95% to 97.5% as only real vasculatures were imaged. Moreover, the results verified the feasibility of using photoacoustic images for vascular recognition. The proposed photoacoustic system is noninteracting, low cost, robust, and highly anticounterfeiting

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