Based on the Ring-Cavity optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology, the Phocus BENCHTOP represents the optimal light source for photoacoustic imaging applications that require high pulse energies and NIR wavelengths for deep penetration of biological tissue. High damage thresholds combined with minimal maintenance and turn-key operation reduce system down-time and allow ease of operation. A customizable, safety-interlocked fiber bundle delivers light from the system to the instrumentation and prevents system operation without fiber attachment. Motorized tuning, motorized harmonics and fiber bundle delivery provide a completely, hands-free tunable laser system.

Product Features

  • Fully integrated tunable laser system with quick connect cables
  • Motorized, hermetically sealed, harmonic/OPO modules
  • End-user replaceable flashlamp (100 million shot lifetime) and DI cartridge
  • All tunable wavelengths output from a single port
  • Interlocked fiber bundle output, includes fiber bundle (FB)
  • Computer controlled tuning via control software/software development kit (SDK)
  • Flashlamp and/or Q-Switch external triggering
  • Temperature controlled, motorized Harmonic(s) (MH)
  • Real-time pulse energy monitoring and logging for data normalization (EM)
  • Harmonic Auto-Optimization (HAO)
  • Flashlamp and/or Q-Switch external triggering
  • WARRANTY: One year on the entire system. Includes all options except fibers.

Product Options

  • IDLER Access (ID)
    Extends tuning range to include 1200 – 2600 nm
    Decreases SIGNAL performance by 10%
  • Fast Tuning OPO (FT)
    Tunes the OPO to any SIGNAL (or IDLER) wavelength per shot fired.
  • Motorized Variable Attenuator (MVA)
    End-user installable/removable. Reduces max OPO by 10-15% when installed. Computer controlled. Can only be used with visible and near-infrared wavelengths
  • Fiber Bundle Access to Residual 1064nm Output (1B)
    Fiber bundle access to residual 1064 nm output.
  • Fiber Bundle Access to Residual 532nm Output (2B)
    Fiber Bundle Access to Residual 532 nm Output.
  • Wavemeter (WM)
    Integrated wavemeter for real-time wavelength monitoring
  • Extended Warranty (EXW)
    Extends full system warranty for one additional year, for a total of two years. Includes all options except for fibers.

Product Specifications

Tuning Range 690 – 950 nm
Peak Energy 140 mJ @ 750 nm
Repetition Rate 10 Hz
Pulse Width 5 – 7 ns
Beam Diameter 9 mm
Divergence 10 mrad

Additional Information

690 – 950 nm
1200-2600 nm (IDLER option)

140 mJ @ 750 nm (before fiber)

Photoacoustic Imaging

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