New and Improved Radiant Series Tunable Laser Systems Based on Opotek High Efficiency Optical Parametric Oscillator Technology

Carlsbad, CA – January 12, 2016 – OPOTEK, Inc. is introducing the new and improved RADIANT series of tunable laser systems as a replacement for its popular, long-running VIBRANT series. The RADIANT 355 tunable laser system utilizes patented optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology to generate wavelengths over a broad range in the UV, VIS and NIR. Integration of system components into one compact unit increases ruggedness, minimizes misalignment and allows the user to reposition the system without need for alignment. Built-in alignment validation enables the user to verify that the system is aligned after moving it. Hermetically sealed modules protect sensitive optical materials from the environment.

“The RADIANT utilizes new and improved Nd:YAG pump laser technology from Quantel.”, said Mark Little, PhD, sales and marketing manager. “Quantel’s advanced Q-smart technology combined with high efficiency, low divergence OPOTEK OPO cavities and unique system housings result in a tunable laser system that excels in durability, high beam quality and long lifetimes.”

All tunable beams exit the system from the same location resulting in one beam path to the end-user’s application. Wavelength tuning is hands-free and PC controlled. Default system configurations include the Quantel Q-smart Nd:YAG pump laser, harmonics, low-divergence OPO, access to 355 nm pump beam, control software, software development kit, and automated Signal/Idler selection. Other options include high energy model, access to pump laser wavelengths, extended tuning into the UV (190-410 nm), motorized variable attenuator, real-time wavelength monitoring and harmonics auto-optimization.

RADIANT Tunable Laser systems are available in UV-VIS-NIR (190-2500 nm), NIR (680-2600 nm), MIR (2700-3450 nm) and deep-UV (193-210 nm) product lines.

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