Phocus Core Introducing The Phocus Core, The Essential High Energy Tunable Photoacoustic Imaging Source

Carlsbad, CA – January 12, 2016 – OPOTEK, Inc. is introducing the Phocus Core. Based on patented ‘ring-cavity’ optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology, the Phocus Core tunable laser system represents the essential light source for photoacoustic imaging applications that require high pulse energies and NIR wavelengths for deep penetration of biological tissue.

“The unique ring-cavity design increases the OPO damage threshold while maintaining high efficiency in order to deliver short, nanosecond pulses with energies of over 125 mJ.”, said Mark Little, PhD, sales and marketing manager. “High damage thresholds combined with minimal maintenance and turn-key operation reduces system down-time and allows ease of operation for pre-clinical applications.”

All tunable beams exit the system from the same location resulting in one beam path to the end-user’s application. Wavelength tuning is hands-free and PC controlled. The default configuration includes a new and improved pump laser, motorized harmonics, ‘ring-cavity’ OPO and access to the residual 1064 and 532 nm pump laser wavelengths. The Fast Tuning option enables fast switching of the output wavelength such that each consecutive pulse can be set to any wavelength within the wavelength range of the system.

The Phocus Core is available today for simplified integration into your photoacoustic instrumentation or commercial product.

For more details, contact OPOTEK Sales at (760) 929-0770 or