OPOTEK, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of a European Service Center to assist in the service needs of our customers in the European Region.

The Service Center will be managed by Laser Peak GmbH. The principles of Laser Peak, Jan Posthumus and Phillip Wicke, have years of experience providing sales and service support for OPO tunable laser technology.

OPOTEK looks forward to this partnership with Laser Peak, which will allow OPOTEK to provide repairs and other support more quickly and efficiently to valued customers and end users in Europe.

OPOTEK was the first US company to introduce a tunable laser system based on Optical Parametric Oscillator (“OPO”) technology. For more than 20 years, OPOTEK has been the leading manufacturer of OPO tunable laser products. Scientists and other researchers have trusted OPOTEK to design and provide reliable laser systems to support their research applications.

As a laser manufacturer, Laser Peak has the resources and expertise to meet the service needs of OPOTEK customers. OPOTEK customers will save time and money through this partnership, because equipment will not need to be shipped to OPOTEK’s location in the United States for diagnostics and repairs.

OPOTEK is excited about the establishment of this Service Center and the opportunity to provide better service to its customers.