Opotek will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2019 Laser World of Photonics Munich conference from June 24-27th. Come by our booth at B3.529B and let’s discuss your research and our products. Formed in 1993, OPOTEK was the first US company to introduce a tunable laser system based on Optical Parametric Oscillator (“OPO”) technology. Due to years of product development and manufacturing experience, OPOTEK is expert at matching the best product with the customer’s needs.

For more than 20 years, OPOTEK has been the leading manufacturer of OPO tunable laser products, ranging from standalone OPO modules to complete scientific instruments. Focused on revolutionizing OPO technology, OPOTEK has provided thousands of customers with user friendly, tunable light source solutions with our patented designs and innovations.

OPOTEK has developed a series of proprietary laser systems tailored specifically to meet requirements for photoacoustic applications. Special features include mobility and fast-tuning.  OPOTEK is able to provide custom-designed systems to meet any customer need.  OPOTEK products are used by leading companies, national laboratories, and universities throughout the world, for applications that include spectroscopy, diagnostics, photoacoustics, hyperspectral imaging, and medical research.

OPOTEK offers a wide range of efficient, compact, and broadly tunable laser systems based on OPO technology. OPOTEK’s reliable and robust systems feature the smallest footprint in their category with tuning ranges from the ultraviolet to mid-infrared. All products are computer controlled and designed for a variety of applications.  OPOTEK brings years of experience and cutting-edge design sensibilities to product development.  In addition, OPOTEK is committed to delivering excellent customer service including on-site installation and training.  OPOTEK products are designed, manufactured, and distributed from its headquarters in Carlsbad, California by dedicated employees and representatives worldwide.

Phocus Mobile for Photoacoustic Applications