Fabrication of Perovskite Film-Coated Hollow Capillary Fibers Using a Fast Solvent Exchange Method

Metal halide perovskites have been successfully applied in a variety of fields such as LEDs, lasers and solar cells, thanks to their excellent optoelectronic properties. Capillary fibers can further expand the range of perovskite applications and at the same time improve its stability by encapsulating the perovskite inside the capillary. However, the high-quality perovskite film-coated hollow capillary fibers have yet to be realized. Here, we introduce a fast solvent exchange method which is used for the preparation of neat and smooth perovskite films deposited on the inner surface of capillary fibers. We demonstrate that this fast solvent exchange method is superior to the commonly used spontaneous diffusion-based precipitation method. The obtained hollow capillary fibers show a narrowed spectral width of 4.9 nm under pulse excitation due to the optical cavity effect. This new fabrication method can facilitate the development of perovskites in the fields of capillary lasing, microfluidic sensing, flexible LEDs and luminous fabrics.

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