Spherical-matching hyperbolic-array photoacoustic computed tomography

Linear-array photoacoustic computed tomography (LA-PACT), for its flexibility and simplicity, has great potential in providing anatomical and functional information of tissues. However, the limited coverage view impedes the LA-PACT obtaining high-quality images. In this study, a photoacoustic tomographic system with a hyperbolic-array transducer was developed for stereoscopic PA imaging of carotid artery. The hyperbolic-array PACT increases the receiving sensitivity for PA signal detection due to its transducer’s geometric structure matching with the spherical wave. The control phantom experiment shows that the proposed system can expand the angular coverage of ∼1/3 more than that of the LA-PACT system, and the volumetric PA images of rat’s carotid artery demonstrates the potential of the system for carotid artery imaging. Furthermore, volumetric imaging of the human forearm verifies that the system has significant capability in human imaging, which indicates that it has bright prospect for assisting diagnosis in the vascular disease

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