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Modeling combined ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging: Simulations aiding device development and artificial intelligence

Combined ultrasound and photoacoustic (USPA) imaging has attracted several pre-clinical and clinical applications due to its ability to simultaneously display structural, functional, and molecular information of deep biological tissue in real time. However, the depth and wavelength dependent optical attenuation and the unknown optical and acoustic heterogeneities limit the USPA imaging performance in deep tissue […]

Label-free photothermal disruption of cytotoxic aggregates rescues pathology in a C. elegans model of Huntington’s disease

Aggregation of proteins is a prominent hallmark of virtually all neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases. Little progress has been made in their treatment to slow or prevent the formation of aggregates by post-translational modification and regulation of cellular responses to misfolded proteins. Here, we introduce a label-free, laser-based photothermal treatment of polyglutamine […]

Generalized prediction and optimal operating parameters of PCDD/F emissions by explainable Bayesian support vector regression

The current derived models for predicting polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -furans (PCDD/F) emissions from incineration can only be applied to a specific incinerator due to high deviation or systematic errors. And the models fail to provide quantized guidance for the operation of full-scale municipal solid waste incinerators. To address the problem, explainable Bayesian support vector regression […]

High-sensitivity determination of available cobalt in soil using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy assisted with laser-induced fluorescence

Conventional laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy could not conduct high-sensitivity determination of available cobalt due to spectral interference and weak spectral intensity. To improve the poor detection sensitivity of available cobalt in soil, available cobalt was extracted from soil and prepared. Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy assisted with laser-induced fluorescence was introduced to excite and detect the cobalt element. […]

Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Study of MnS/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots at High Pressure and Low Temperature

Time-resolved photoluminescence experiments of MnS/ZnS core/shell QDs were performed at high pressure up to 11.7 GPa and low temperature down to 80 K. Four main emission components are observed and discussed: (1) an ultrafast broad blue–green peak attributed to ultrafast defects emission, (2) an ultrafast ultraviolet peak at about 390 nm attributed to exciton emission, […]

a-PET and Weakened Triplet–Triplet Annihilation Self-Quenching Effects in Benzo-21-Crown-7-Functionalized Diiodo-BODIPY

Weakening the triplet–triplet annihilation (TTA) self-quenching effect induced by sensitizers remains a tremendous challenge due to the very few investigations carried out on them. Herein, benzo-21-crown-7 (B21C7)-functionalized 2,6-diiodo-1,3,5,7-tetramethyl-8-phenyl-4,4-difluoroboradiazaindacene (DIBDP) was synthesized to investigate the influences of huge bulks and electron-rich cavities of B21C7 moieties on the fluorescence emission and triplet-state lifetimes of DIBDP moieties. Density functional theory (DFT)/time-dependent DFT […]

An Exceptional Thermally-Induced Four-State Nonlinear-Optical Switch Arising from Stepwise Molecular Dynamic Changes in a New Hybrid Salt

The switch materials in channel of nonlinear optics (NLO) are of particular interest in NLO material science. Numerous crystalline NLO switches emerged based on structural phase transition, but most of them reveal single-step switch between two different second-harmonic-generation (SHG) states, very rare case involves three or more SHG states. Herein, we report a new organic-inorganic […]

Vitamin D deficiency promotes accumulation of bioactive lipids and increased endocannabinoid tone in zebrafish

Vitamin D is well known for its traditional role in bone mineral homeostasis; however, recent evidence suggests that vitamin D also plays a significant role in metabolic control. This study served to investigate putative linkages between vitamin D deficiency (VDD) and metabolic disruption of bioactive lipids by MS imaging. Our approach employed infrared-matrix-assisted laser desorption […]

A Versatile Light-Triggered Radical-Releasing Surface Coating Technology

Organic based redox active materials and coatings are increasingly being investigated as solutions for more efficient energy devices, catalysts, sensors, and biomedical technologies. Their advantage is negating the necessity for expensive and unsustainable rare earth metals seen in other redox active materials. Challenges to their wide-spread usage remain, including versatility of coatings on a wide […]

Mechanisms of Upconversion Luminescence of Er3+-Doped NaYF4 via 980 and 1530 nm Excitation

To date, the mechanisms of Er3+ upconversion luminescence via 980 and 1530 nm excitation have been extensively investigated; however, based on discussions, they either suffer from the lack of convincing evidence or require elaborated and time-consuming numerical simulations. In this work, the steady-state and time-resolved upconversion luminescence data of Er3+-doped NaYF4 were measured; we therefore investigated the […]